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We are all for Child Protection and Vulnerable Adult Protection


Let it be known that today the world is asking all people to put the interest of the child first in all spheres of life.

Child protection and vulnerable adult safeguarding is the responsibility that organizations have to make sure that their staff, operations, and programs do not harm children and vulnerable adults.

Child and Vulnerable adult protection and Child and Vulnerable adult safeguarding education is paramount importance in all educational institution starting from primary to tertiary.

There are different types of abuses:

  • Physical Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Commercial Abuse
  • Economic Abuse
  • Neglect Abuse

There is abuse in the family, but due to poverty, hunger, fear and rape cases are swept under the carpet.

With the Cyclone Idai the sexual abuse is on the increase. Do we still have these people in mind? In all disasters children suffer most.

Who/Where to Report Cases To:

  1. Victim Friendly Unit – Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP)
  2. Childline Zimbabwe
  3. Arrupe Jesuit University

All child and vulnerable adult abuses can be reported to any one of the following places mentioned above. Children and vulnerable adults are asking:

Where can we go?

Awareness of child safeguarding is a key step to better protection of children with whom we work.

Experience has taught me that the root cause of all abuses originates from the family. Parents, teachers and religious work together in solving problems of child and vulnerable adult focusing on families, communities, schools and churches.

My motor as Sr Annah Shamiso Mandeya is “Let’s all put the interest of the child first in all our daily life.”


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