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The Power of A Woman


People often underrate the power of a woman to change the world, especially women in rural areas. A woman is a treasure, if you have one, love her, cherish and support her you will see the world changing.

I believe that once a woman is respected, once people stop violating the rights of a woman, once violence and insults against women is stooped, there will be a huge development in the world. A woman and a girl child needs to be empowered to face the world with confidence and without fear.

There is need to continue advocating for the girl child and women’s rights. Women must occupy high positions at workplaces, they can do it, they have the ability to make it and lead the world. What the society has labelled women is destroying the world.

When a girl child is born, she is raised in a way that she grows up thinking marriage is an achievement, how the girl child are being taught to be perfect daughter in laws and perfect wives for their husbands at tender ages, have channelled the minds of women to think that their whole lives depends on marriage.

Women often get stressed if they fail to get married because not having a husband is associated with having a spiritual husband or an evil spirit which chases men away. However, in most rural areas women are lacking empowerment and motivation to take up space, raise their heads and stop being dependent on their husbands.

Education and empowerment is the way to success, it is the way to a better world. Women must be given the ability to showcase their talents and must be given a chance to live their dreams. Like any other human beings, women have dreams which needs to be fulfilled but they’re denied the opportunity to live their dreams.


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