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Zibuko, Bonvie, Black Sharks, hold a christmas party for Jairos Jiri children’s home


Donating to the needy, putting smiles on their faces, is part of an organisation’s corporate social responsibility and it attracts attention from members of the public hence increasing sales of a company.

Recently, Bonvie, Zibuko capital and Black Sharks, held a Christmas party for the Jairos Jiri children’s home, Bonvie is a medical aid company, Zibuko is a microfinance company and Black Sharks is a security company.

There were a lot of activities which were done to cheer up the mood of the disabled children at Jairos Jiri, dancing and singing whereby each class was called to dance, each company, teachers and even the doctors who assist at the children’s home.

Jairos Jiri is a home and a school for disabled and the needy, it comprises of classes from grade 1 to form 4 and at that Christmas party it was announced that they also got a grade seven pupil who had 7 units hence raising the flag of Jairos Jiri on high.

Also, these companies identified the most intelligent child, most behaved, the best in sports and encouraged others to push so that they can also be recognised by the school and other outsiders. There were lots of food which was given to the kids so that they would enjoy their party, drinks, sweets, biscuits, chicken inn and they were very happy.

“This is just the beginning, we have just established a relationship with Jairos Jiri and we are going to visit you every now and then” said the director of Black Sharks.

Disability is not inability, some did not have legs, some were on their wheelchairs but they danced like there is no tomorrow and they did it with passion.

“Everything people do in life they must do it with passion, love yourself, appreciate what you have and who you are because there might be someone who wishes to have what you have so always be happy” said, Mary Matanhire from the children’s home.

There were also people from the convent who assist at the convent, nurse aides who help in the general upkeep of the kids, making sure they’re well groomed and smart, they showed love to the children and they were very happy with what these three companies did.

“Christmas is a time of sharing, a time where we gather and enjoy the meals, the food and each other’s company, sharing what we have, the little you have, share it with your neighbour that is what Christmas means”, said the preacher from Bonvie.


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