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Fake & Make – Are You Who You Really Are?

Growing up in the ghetto, well, this is where ‘the life’ is, I dis-covered that people of various standings are found there. The rich, the famous, the obvi-ous, the poor, the thug, the hustler, the history maker, you name them. In our diverse we make life worth living and we call the shots within our locus, we don’t need anything from anyone. Amongst these people you will discover that there is that person who feels ‘uuuumm I must be like who so ever.’ These are the people who portray what they are not for reasons best known to themselves. In this category you will meet the following twelve: 

THE SYCOPHANTS: The ones who think only people with power are worth re-specting 

THE BRAGGERS: The ones who brag to feel important 

THE PEOPLE-PLEASERS: The ones who would do anything to get people to like them 

THE ATTENTION-SEEKERS: The ones who constantly seek attention 

THE SHAPE-SHIFTERS: The ones who cre-ate new personalities to feel accepted 

THE LITTLE MISS SUNSHINES: The ones who try too hard to convince people that they’re happy 

THE FANTASISTS: The ones who share in-teresting stories that are not 100% true 

THE GOSSIPMONGERS: The ones who thrive on gossips 

THE DISPARAGERS: The ones who bring people down 

THE GROUCHES: The ones who complain about everything 

THE KNOW-IT-ALLS: The ones who claim to be an expert in everything but never follow anything through 

THE BACKSTABBERS: The ones who are friendly to your face but turn on you to get ahead 

These are people you will meet anywhere re-gardless of density. If you find yourself in one of these it’s time you look for some rat poison. In all my life I have learnt, through seeing and studying people’s lives, that these are the very type of fake people I mustn’t associate with no matter what. Booker T. Washington wrote, “Associate yourself with people of good qual-ity, for it is better to be alone than in bad com-pany”. Imagine that it is you who is being re-ferred to here as bad company. 

Many are times we tend to pretend to be what we are not. We are so concerned of the matter of opinion and comments passed to an extend that we fake who we are. This is a taxing state of life. What if we stop pretending and just be-come? 

I know it’s hard to get to what you intend or desire to be, but I tell you it’s worth the pain. Faking who you are is a clear sign that one is not happy with what they are, well Jim Ron said – “If you are not happy with where you are, move, you are not a tree”. Do something about it, change, develop, evolve and grow to that level you desire to see yourself at. The only stumbling block is you and the only ma-chine you need to get it done is you and only you. 

This is an extract form the forthcoming book, KILLING RATS 

Your Rat Poison – A book on moderating your habits by: Alfred Deredzi 


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