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Managing your Mental Health by Managing Expectations

Coming back home after a year’s worth of study abroad is considered by most a good thing. It helps you get over the family sickness you might have not seen those familiar faces for a whole year as well as grounding you back in a sense of self and belonging, somewhere where you have a history and a life that is shared with so many others. However, because of the recent economic changes, coming home for many, especially those studying in top tier universities around the world, has become something sort of a nightmare

Because of the recent changes in currency, leading the recent dip in economic activity, many families at this time are struggling to build up the tuition that is required by their respective universities in order to send their children back to school. This can lead to a number of changes within the family mindset, and the mindset of the child as well. The thoughts of not going back to school can lead to depression or isolation, as the fears and anxiety caused by such ideas slowly creep in. This can lead to drastic changes in an individual’s life. A lack of appetite accompanied by a disdain for human interaction can be some of the symptoms that can be associated with depression. This overall leads to weight-loss and low self-esteem that can lead to the most terrible of outcomes such as suicide.

Mental health is a serious issue, and in this time and age of ours, it is an issue that is not taken very seriously by most families. There is a sort of stigma directed towards expressing such things as depression or anxiety as they are mostly associated with those who, physically, are under-performing. The harsh truth, however, is that anyone can suffer from depression at any given age, within any given social structure and at any given time. The issue now that we have to face is not depression itself, but accepting and opening up about such problems to a society, but for that to be successful, we must overcome the problem of what depression is thought of in the minds of those around us. Some might be lucky to be surrounded by those who are knowledgeable in the area, who knows what it looks like and just what it can do, but unfortunately for most, this is not the case, with depression sometimes being tied to evil spirits or a generational curse that can be lingering from one family member to another over the course of time

Mental health is a serious issue that does not just affect students studying outside the country, but adults as well who are both working and not working as they struggle to find a means to make a living day by day. It is important, as a family member, a friend or a colleague at work, to always check up on someone if they think that maybe, the pressure is starting to get to them and refer them either to the proper institution, or lend a hand and help to relieve some of the pressure that might be mounted on top of them. Never treat a person who is suffering a mental health issue feel like they are being ostracized, or neglected or inhumane. Treat them just any other day, and be the spark of positivity to set ablaze a fire of joy within their lives


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