Katswe Sistahood hosted the Pachoto Open Mic Soul Session last Friday in line with their vision of advocacy or activism through art or as they would like to call it, “artivism”.

Performers lined up for the event included Rayane Chidzvondo (Moonchild Rye), Hupepe Chule, Lisa the Poet, Ects and the Pachoto Arts Academy band whose members were clad in black & white traditional-inspired gear.

True to Katswe Sistahood’s mission statement, the session provided a much needed space to sing, scream & shout for policy change in various art sectors.

With the aid of shakes, drums, marimba, a guitar and a keyboard, the Pachoto Arts Academy band called for a more positive outlook on menstrual health issues & spoke against sexual abuse of the elderly (songs titled “Kuropafadzwa” & “I’m an Old Woman” respectively). The rest of the artists too advocated for different areas with some expressing their dispeasure with the prevailing economic situation as well as how art is generally underappreciated or underpaid, leaving many of its creators to die as paupers.

On a more refreshing and rather unusual note, there was a mother in the audience cheerleading her two children who were also part of the line up.

Florence, mother to upcoming contemporary singer, Kimberly, and Batsirai Makumbe was in a blue dress and ponytail looking really excited to be in the crowd. “I guess the fact I’m a music lover helps me fit in so easily” she said with a glow on her face. When asked how she juggled being a cheerleader and parent, Mrs Makumbe said that though parenting takes up a lot of time, she’s excellent at micro-managing and maintains she prefers to “be the voice of reason whenever kids are about to slip up at such events” & encouraged other parents to be there to push for their children’s artistic growth.

Overally, the Pachoto Open Mic Soul Session was not only a fun-filled & edutaining afternoon but a whole vibe we wish to always be a part of.