Mafuwe Festival
Mafuwe Festival

This is the first time in Zimbabwean history that an international dance festival is being hosted. And in this first edition we want to celebrate especially the local (contemporary) dance scene. INVISIBLE BOUNDARIES sometimes limit your space, your freedom, your thinking, your being. Our world today is no more a global village, there are issues ranging from environmental, socio-political, prejudice, and migration problems. 

  • Let’s break free and meet through the common language of dance! 
  • Let’s create unity through dance! 
  • Let’s travel and see the world through dance. 
  • Let’s promote brand Zimbabwe through dance. 
  • Let’s connect, discuss and vision the future through dance! 
  • Let’s make Pan-African dance visible! 

The festival team envisions a colourful and enlightening event, where diverse stories are told through multiple dance genres. The program ranges from Performances from Zimbabwe, Germany, South Africa, Uganda and Morocco. We have a family production and bring the festival to the community. MAFUWE FESTIVAL SHOWS | 25 International artists; 35 Local artists, 13 Dance performances, 6 Workshops, 3 Days, 6 countries (Zimbabwe, Morocco, South Africa, USA, Germany, Uganda)