Collage from L'Arche Therapy Centre
Collage from L'Arche Therapy Centre

August is a special month for us at L’Arche Zimbabwe as we launch our Therapy Centre. The centre has been a dream carried over several years. The desire for the centre is rooted in the mission of L’Arche. The desire is to see people with intellectual disabilities living their lives to the full. The desire is to bring out the gifts each and every person with disabilities has. However, we are very aware that for that optimum growth to happen, there must be the availability of enabling spaces and accompanying peo-ple from the early stages of the persons with intellectual and complex disabilities. The Therapy Centre we are Launching on the 3rd of August present such creative and enabling spaces for persons with Cerebral Palsy, those with Autism and other related conditions. The Centre also empowers the families, caregivers and guardians who live with persons with disabilities. 

Some young men living with disabilities at the L’arche Therapy Center 

This facility will provide Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy. It will also support Speech therapy, Ortho-paedic, Social and Special Education. L’Arche has in-vested into specialised people who assist persons with intellectual and complex disabilities to improve their quality of life. This people include the following; Physio-therapist, Occupational Therapist, Special Needs Teacher and Social Worker. 

Let’s promote the integral development of persons with disabilities. The service is free and targets those members of our communities who can’t afford mainstream services. Share the message and empower someone. 

more information or booking call 0777722391. 

L’Arche Zimbabwe is a community for people with and without intellectual disabilities in Waterfalls. It is a home for children with intellectual disabilities registered as a Social Welfare Or-ganisation W.O.10/86. The home is part of the L’Arche Federa-tion which was founded by Jean Vanier in 1964. 

L’Arche gives value and a place of recognition across religious and cultural traditions for those with disabilities. In this way L’Arche prepares the ground for each person touched by disabil-ity to shape their own unique role in society. The community comprises of two homes which houses 23 core members.