Fraternity life for students can differ greatly depending on which state you decide to lay down the foundation of your college life and possibly, your entire working career in. Where most states allow the common concept of “fraternity houses,” New York State does not allow this for their own reasons, so if you’re looking to settle in a place where you can crack open a few cold ones with the boys on a pleasant Saturday morning in the comfort of your own living room, New York State is definitely not the place for you if you really want to live that sort of life. For those of you with any type of background in American teen movies, especially the ones that deal with fraternities in particular, then you’ll probably be aware of just how brutal the process of entering a fraternity can be.

Although not exactly like how they portray it in the movies, the aggressive acts and rather obnoxious tasks assigned to prospective members do exist in certain states, and such acts are known under the term HAZING. The great thing about New York State is that it doesn’t allow any hazing in any form, whether it be physical or mental hazing, ensuring that for every college student wishing to join a fraternity, the process is as smooth and efficient as possible. Well, that is, fully dependant on who you have a pledge-educators as well.

I myself, recently joined a fraternity known as Kappa Sigma Fraternity, the Rho-Sigma chapter to be more specific. Kappa Sigma is a nationwide fraternity, with chapters in most, if not all of the states within America, producing fine gentlemen as part of its quest to become the best fraternity on each campus it can be found on. With so many chapters everywhere you could possibly go, you’re assured that whenever you’re in a time of need, you will always find a brother who will go out of his way to help you.

With this small introduction into fraternity life, it’s quite easy to get overwhelmed by all of this information at hand, and it would be safe to assume that I’ve left a few of you scratching your heads over what words such as “rho” “kappa” and “sigma” might even mean. These words, along with countless others, are part of the Greek alphabet, a small but very important component of Greek life as a whole that you’ll be taught before you cross over into any fraternity. If you find curiosity knocking by your door after reading this article, then why not do what I did and join a fraternity? It’s the best decision I ever made.