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College is a big deal, and selecting the right university for you that offers exactly what you want can be very difficult. Not only do you have to think about the tuition, visa processes and the duration of study, but also the type of climate in the region, the demographics of the university as well as just how far you’re willing to move away from home.

Tuition is, and will forever be a big deal. Applying yourself diligently to your studies as well as committing to sport and volunteer work can be key components to really bolster your application and make it stand out, increasing your chances of getting most of your tuition waved through numerous scholarships.

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When it comes to volunteering though, you have to be careful and know the difference between service, and volunteerism, where the former is more for showboating, when people go out without putting their hearts in it, often neglecting the problems that affect the population being affected whereas the latter, service, sets out to find the root problems and set about changes that will have a long-term impact. Most universities will be on the lookout for individuals who are committed to service, especially if you’re looking to apply to a Catholic university.

Cultural awareness can be the difference between making good friends and making great enemies. Being respectful and cognisant of other people’s beliefs, morals and practises, even if they differ greatly from yours is very important, as depending on which country you choose to settle in, there can be severe implications if you decide to show disrespect. In the event that you are put into a situation that requires some sort of interaction, be respectful, never outwardly say or show anything that can be taken as discrimination against any group of people. It is always very important to remember to keep some opinions to yourself!