Day 01 of the CANA Zone IV Swimming Championships in Windhoek

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Windhoek, Saturday, 16th February 2019  – The 2019 CANA Zone IV Swimming Championships got underway at the Olympia Swimming Pool in Windhoek, Namibia today with South Africa topping the medal podium, followed closely by the host nation and Zimbabwe.

South Africa’s Lise Coetzee (14) and Kelly-Ann Brown (14) claimed the gold and silver in the 800m freestyle with new Championship Record times of 9:32.31 and 9:37.00, respectively, while the bronze in the event went to Mauritius’ Ines Gebert (14) in 10:36.11.

Coetzee also bagged the gold in the 100m backstroke with a new Championship Record time of 1:09.08 ahead of SA’s Emma Kuhn (14) in 1:11.23 and Gebert in 1:13.01, while Kuhn ended with another silver in the 50m breaststroke in 35.21 behind  Mauritius’ Alicia Kok Shun (14) in 34.97 and ahead of Uganda’s Kirabo Namutebi (14) in 35.65.

SA’s Leshen Pillay (14) won the gold in the men’s 800m freestyle with a new Championship Record time of 9:28.58 with SA’s Kian Keylock (13) coming in second in 10:04.58 and Botswana’s Benco van Rooyen (14) third in 10:18.64.

Keylock also won the bronze in the 100m backstroke in 1:07.00 behind the host nation’s Mikah Burger (14) in 1:05.20 and Jose Canjulo (13) in 1:05.76.

Burger and Canjulo were the bronze and silver duo in the 50m breaststroke, clocking 32.44 and 32.22, respectively, while the gold went to Zimbabwe’s Cory Werrett (14) in a new Championship Record time of 31.49.

Zimbabwe’s Paige van der Westhuizen (15) made her way to the medal podium on two occasions, taking the gold in the 50m breaststroke in 35.43, followed by South Africa’s Megan Shepherd (15)in 35.61 and Ashton Volkwyn (16) in 36.02, while in the 800m freestyle, Van der Westhuizen scooped the silver in 10:03.32, ahead of SA’s Shepherd in 10:10.34 and behind the Seychelles’ Therese Soukup (15) in 9:54.77.

SA’s Cameron Casali (16) won a gold and two silvers during the opening day, claiming the gold in the 100m backstroke in 1:03.17, finishing second in the 800m freestyle in 9:12.41, ahead of Malawi’s Filipe Gomes (21) in 9:16.41 and behind Botswana’s James Freeman (17) in 8:43.63, while in the 50m breaststroke, Casali’s time was 32.03 to SA’s Jakobus Terblanche’s 31.98 and Angola’s Salvador Gordo’s 32.26.

Freeman also won silver in the 100m backstroke in 1:04.48 ahead of Namibia’s Rene Viljoen (17) in 1:04.49 and behind Namibia’s Ronan Wantenaar (18) in 1:01.12, while in the ladies’ race, Angola’s Lia Ana Lima (17) came first in 1:11.07, followed by Namibia’s Ju-Ane Oberholzer (17) and Zune Weber (17) in 1:11.86 and 1:13.56, respectively.

Namibia’s Quinn Ellis (12) grabbed the gold in the 50m breaststroke in 36.73, followed by Botswana’s Kgotia Mokobi (12) in 37.26 and Uganda’s Shane Birungi (12) in 37.69, while in the 100m backstroke, Ellis managed the silver in 1:13.94 to Ivan Hart from Kenya’s 1:12.07 and Hugo L’Arrogant from Mauritius’ 1:14.60.

Mozambique’s Melyssa Rocha (12) finished with the silver in the 50m breaststroke in 38.79 and later on claimed the bronze in the 100m backstroke in 1:20.17. The breaststroke event was won my Zimbabwe’s Vhenekai Dhemba (12) in 37.47, while the backstroke gold went to Zambia’s Jade Phiri (12) in 1:18.57.

In the 17 and over 50m breaststroke age group races, the ladies’ medal podium was filled by Mauritius’ Tessa Hen Cheung (17) in 35.12, Zimbabwe’s Amy Doorman (17) in 38.31 and Uganda’s Avice Meya (24) in 38.95, while the men’s top places went to Botswana’s Adrian Robinson (18) with a new Championship Record time of 29.45, Angola’s Mario Ervedosa (20) in 29.65 and Namibia’s Wantenaar (18) in 30.11.

In the 15-16 age group 100m backstroke, SA’s Kelsea Munro (16) touched the wall with a new Championship Record time of 1:07.87, followed by Namibia’s Heleni Stergiadis (16) in 1:08.92 and Zambia’s Mia Phiri (15) in 1:09.95.

In the ladies’ U14 4 x 200m medley relay, South Africa claimed the gold in 2:09.74, ahead of Botswana in 2:13.37 and Zimbabwe in 2:17.13, while the men’s relay saw Namibia take the honours in 1:58.60, with South Africa claiming the silver in 2:02.54 and Mozambique the bronze in 2:03.27.

In the Over 15 men’s 200m medley relay, Seychelles won the gold in 1:50.90 to Mauritius’ 1:51.40 and Botswana’s 1:51.44, while in the ladies’ medley, South Africa came out on top with a new Championship Record time of 2:03.95, with Mauritius second in 2:08.85 and Namibia third in 2:10.78.

This year’s programme has also included a Masters’ section and the men’s 800m freestyle gold went to Namibia’s Paddy Murphy (57) in 12:13.11, while the women’s top spot went to Anel van der Vyver (27), also from Namibia, in a time of 14:14.03. Van der Vyver also won the 25-44 age group 50m breaststroke in 49.14, followed by Botswana’s Dudu Nnyenyiwa (29) in 1:03.45.

In the masters’ 50m breaststroke, the women’s 45 and over gold was claimed by Namibia’s Jane Samson (52) in 42.59, followed by Mozambique’s Ana Rose Araujo (50) in 46.69, while the men’s gold went to Namibia’s June Badenhorst (41) in 36.78, followed by Botswana’s Gibson Matlakala (37) and Gaolatlhe Matsapa (33) in 42.48 and 45.79, respectively.

The ladies’ 100m backstroke masters race was won by Namibia’s Sunel Badenhorst (36) in 1:33.01, while Angola’s Carlos Alberto (26) won the men’s section in 1:11.54, ahead of Namibia’s Dentie Louw (35) in 1:20.44.

The competition continues tomorrow with the Open Water races, which will take place at the Oanob Dam from 08h30.

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Medal rankings (after day 1):

South Africa 8 8 3 19
Namibia 4 6 5 15
Zimbabwe 3 2 1 6
Botswana 2 3 3 8
Mauritius 2 3 3 8
Seychelles 2 0 1 3
Angola 1 1 1 3
Zambia 1 0 1 2
Kenya 1 0 0 1
Mozambique 0 1 2 3
Uganda 0 0 3 3
Malawi 0 0 1 1
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Masters Medal rankings (after Day 01):

Namibia 6 1 0 7
Angola 1 0 0 1
Botswana 0 2 1 3
Mozambique 0 1 0 1