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Peterhouse Girls Awards

Peterhouse Girls – ACADEMIC, CULTURAL & SPORTS RESULTS – 6th December 2018

Congratulations to the following girls who received Commendations for their Term Mark Order;
D Block – Makanaka Dzvurumi, Anna Freeth, Kyuri Kim, Danielle Machibaya, Rumbidzai Mapokotera, Rudado Matondo, Kimberly Maworise, Kunashe Mazike, Mafaro Musimwa, Thando Ntini, Ella Pope, Fadzai Zitsanza

C Block – Tawananyasha Banda, Ruvimbo Chauruka, Deborah Davy, Kayla Kalweit, Nandi Mbele, Vatida Nhemachena, Luanna Page

B Block – Alicia Chiremba, Erin Elliott, Laura Lagesse, Tinotenda Mapani, Jemimah Muusha


ATS Junior Debate Tournament C and D Block 
Although they came last out of 16 teams, the girls must be congratulated for taking part in their first tournament. From this they learnt a lot and appreciate that there is still more to learn. They are grateful for the exposure and being given the opportunity to participate.

The eight 2019 Interact Board members completed the Shoebox Challenge of 2018. Enough stationery was donated by pupils in all three schools to fill 160 shoeboxes. These shoeboxes were given to pupils of St Francis, and other pupils in schools in Rusape and Harare. There were smiles of appreciation on the faces of the St Francis children as they received their boxes from pupils at Springvale, PHG and PHB this week.

The Interact Club thanks all pupils of the Peterhouse Group for their generous donations.

Kukura Neshungu 2018 Report
The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honourable, to be compassionate and to make a difference.

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up. Kukura Neshungu club had a couple of fundraising functions earlier this year and raised in excess of $2,600. From these proceeds, the club donated $2,000 towards the much needed repair of the gutters at Kukura Neshungu home in Dombotombo Township in Marondera.

The club also successfully sourced 35 tracksuits for the staff as well as the pupils of Kukura Neshungu. The club members were inspired by the words of mother Theresa to help the physically and mentally challenged pupils of Kukura Neshungu when she wrote: Love is not patronising, and charity isn’t about pity, it is about love. Charity and love are the same – with charity you give love, so don’t just give money and material things but reach out your hand instead.

Shona Club 
The girls were excited to see and experience the national heritage monument at Tsindi Ruins. A lot of time was spent rock-climbing, sight-seeing and enjoying the coolness of the caves on a very hot day. Interestingly, upon seeing the ruins, they were able to identify the dry masonry skill used which is very similar to Great Zimbabwe – in the middle of the bush just a stone’s throw away from Peterhouse.

St George’s Interschools Quiz
A Team came 1st out of 12 schools 
B Team came 3rd out of 10 schools 
Overall Peterhouse girls came 1st out of 12 schools


PHG came 3rd out of 3 schools at NASP Archery held at Chisipite Junior School
Shirea Brits won a Bronze Medal – 3rd place in the Senior Girls age group

PHG sent 13 teams to the Arundel Aquathon and achieved the top 3 places:

1st place Debrah Nakhozwe, Maja Potzas and Jessica Burton
2nd place Brooklyn Tippett, Doné Erasmus and Rachel Palmer
3rd place Ella Pope, Kayla Kalweit and Jodie Kuipers

CBC Sprints Regatta at Mazowe
Doné Erasmus came 1st in the Woman’s A single 2000m
Sophie le Boulengé came 1st in the Woman’s B single 500m
Doné Erasmus and Stacey Dunstan came 1st in the Woman’s B double

National Sprints Gala – Mutare
Amy Doorman won 2 Gold medals 
Siobhan Jones won 2 Silver and 2 Bronze medals

Mashonaland Seeded Gala – Les Brown
Amy Kluckow won 3 Gold, 4 Silver and 1 Bronze medal in individual events, and 3 Bronze medals in relay events.

Amy Doorman won 3 Gold medals and 2 Bronze medals in individual events and 3 Bronze medals in relay events.

Siobhan Jones won 1 Bronze medal in an individual event and 3 Bronze medals in relay events

Courtney Brown won 2 Silver medals in individual events

Savannah Macmillan won 1 Bronze medal in an individual event and 1 Bronze in a relay event

Thandiswa Nunu, Krystal Barber, Pareena Niranjan-Bhana, Ayla-Skye Greeff achieved Bronze medals in relay events.

Manicaland Amateur Swimming Gala – Mutare 
Aimee Barron came tie 1st place in the U15/16 girl’s age group and won 4 Gold and 3 Silver medals.

Congratulations to Courtney Brown who has been included in the Zimbabwe Swimming team attending the AUSC Region 5 U20 Youth Games which will take place between the 6th and the 16th of December in Gaborone, Botswana.

A League
v Convent 
U14A won 11-1
U15A won 11-1
U16A won 12-0

B League
v Hillcrest 
U14B won 5-3
U15B lost 2-6
U16B won 5-3

Triathlon at Mt Pleasant
Andie Kuipers came 1st and Erin Elliott came 2nd in the U16-17 Half distance event.


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