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Senior Play ‘Mystery at Magpie Manor’ 2018

Well done to our Seniors on a fantastic performance of Mystery at Magpie Manor.

This brilliant Downton-meets-Poirot musical production brought comedy, song, mystery and 1920s’ dance routines together in one scintillating performance.
Set in the 1920s and steeped in legend and intrigue, Magpie Manor is in a great state of disrepair and Lord and Lady Pica must take drastic action to save their crumbling manor house. The clan is gathered and together with Mr Fortune the bank manager and his bumbling assistants, they come up with a plan to sell off the family silver.

But as the rich and famous guests arrive for the auction ball, strange things are occurring and when the family heirloom is unveiled, it has disappeared! Inspector Spectre is straight on the case, aided by none other than Agatha Christie and it seemed that everyone had a motive from the servants and cheeky tradesmen to Cousin Rupert and his grasping American fiancée. With flapper girls and their family and the Charleston this was an energetic mystery musical.

Magpie Mac – Stefan Kruger
Magpies – Savanna Seaman, Kaleigh Weeks, Georgia Grubb, Nicole Saywood
Lord Pica – John Pistorius
Lady Pica – Melissa Kamusasa
5 Flapper Girls – Sienna Page, Mutsa Mabhena, Shae Macrae, Ruva Maruta, Amy Limb
Scribble – Tafara Chakumhara
Blot – Tinashe Chavunduka
Mr Fortune – Campbell Hammond
Grandmama – Preline Rundogo
Lettice – Kayla Gillwald
Bunny – Ethan Wekare
Hi – Tanya Midzi
Lo – Erin Davison
Rupert – Zack Swears
Honey – Ayva Kirkman
Mr Buttress – Simba Utsiwegota
Mrs Burnitt – Daniella Phiri
Ethel – Chloe Hewer
Elsie – Chloe Oosthuizen
Boots – Will Kunutsa
Basil Bud – Mako Kandawasvika
Sid Saddle – Nicholas Anderson
Bernie Black – Kabelo Molai
Den Bones – Mutsa Masawi
Phil Pie – Justin Johnson
Ernie Churn – Ross Bailey
Ivor Gavel – Evan Li
Inspector Spectre – Anna Davy
Agatha Christie – Naledi Taundi 
Charlie Chaplin- Carlton Magura
Lita Chaplin – Mazvita Changa
Albert Einstein – Stefan Kruger
Elsa Einstein – Miquela Callaghan
Herbert Austin – Duwan Botha
Helen Austin – T’sana Oosthuizen
Captain Alcock – Dylan Makwiranzou
Lieutenant Brown – Tyler Steenkamp
Noel Coward – Daniel Makwiranzou
Winston Churchill – Malvern Chaipa
Clementine Churchill – Hayley Chiutsi
Prince of Wales – Kylie Odendaal

Chorus – Grade 6

Director: Liz Peebles
Sound: Stuart Anderson
Costumes: Jenny Christen
Props: Daryl Oswald
Musical Director and Choreographer / Lights: Theresa Covini
Stage setting and props: Klara Christen

Thanks & Acknowledgements
Arj Swears for the script.
Peterhouse Boys for the use of Fieldsend Hall.
Jim Redfern & Peterhouse Boys helpers.
Andy Joughin – Liaising transport.
Graeme Broxham – Posters and programmes.
Amai Chihuri – Costumes.
Reace Broxham – Bar.
Mums – Costumes and make up.
Peterhouse Girls helpers – make up.
Introwise – Teas and snacks.
Kathy Broxham, Shelley Nicholls and Fi Hanly – Front of House.
Duff Rodgers – Transport.
Leon Greeff – Assistance.
Kerry Orphanides / Debbie Tselentis / Silke Waldvogel – Flowers.
Saskia Whitcomb – Loan of costumes.


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