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Peterhouse – A Block Far & Wide Trip 2018

While a great many of Zimbabwe’s post IGCSE pupils head out to party, the Peterhouse pupils embark on the Far and Wide experience in the Nyanga Mountains. For some the FOMO of not being on ‘O Break’ still batters their attitude! But, for the vast majority these days, the F&W experience has become a healthy part of tradition at Peterhouse, and is one they look forward to for many reasons: building relationships has come to be the cornerstone of the trip, but many pupils learn a lot about the strength of diversity in groups, particularly how the opposite sex’s strengths usually counter their own gender’s weaknesses! All pupils grow in self-awareness, develop resilience, responsibility and resourcefulness. Everyone leaves with a sense of pride in some aspect of their accomplishment. This year all the participants experienced the newly built skywalks: one 30m and another 90m across the Mtarazi Falls.

We had two options again this year:

Firstly we had 32 trekkers on the Turaco Trail (56km). It is one of the most beautiful trails that Zimbabwe has to offer, encompassing two magnificent river systems – the Pungwe and the Gairezi with Mount Nyangani in the middle. For the first time ever we had fantastic sunny weather throughout the hike, so the trekkers got to walk through the most incredible indigenous forests and Nyanga bush in glorious sunlight. Evenings were completed with leadership tasks and reflections on these, as well as the day’s activities.

The other group did the traditional Leadership Camp at F&W. On arrival at the camp site they were welcomed by Bernie Cragg. The bus was unpacked and the children were immediately divided into teams. Friends were separated and most found themselves teamed up with new and unfamiliar peers. Activities required both mental and physical strength and groups had to work as teams in order to achieve. As they learnt to be patient and encourage one other, they overcame their fears and most tasks were completed. It was interesting to see the 6Cs come into play, and for the children to realise from experience how important these are. This group also had to complete the 3 day Gorge Walk (a tough section of the Turaco Trail).

We thank Far and Wide and especially the Cragg family who work tirelessly to make this programme a success for us. Thanks also go to the following staff for their support during the programme: Ms Rinashe, Ms Barrie, Dr Hildebrand, Mrs Cordy, Miss Bryer, Miss Tawengwa, Mr Banda, Mr De Kock, Mr Mpofu and Mrs Shoesmith.

Andrew Shoesmith and Chipo Mtakwa.

i/cs Outdoor Education.


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