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Sustainable use of social media promote public access to information and civic engagement on sustainable development goals

Online media can be used sustainably if there is an institutionalized controlled center of information for social networks like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram about sustainable development goals. It is vital to note that people are using these social platforms and they have access to different media messages. So if one wants people to know about a certain subject area or an understanding about social issues or bring attention to SDG’s then they would rather use the social media. Why social media? Social media is the most used platform with social access and increased awareness to information. Importantly SDG’s are global, so they do not need reckless information, hence the need for controlled information, from a particular center. There is also need for specific media institution to focus on these SDG’s. Lastly engage journalists who are already reporting about SDG’s, to craft media messages that are suitable for social media.
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